A Saturday Night Live skit launched a Twitter Account

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So, about a week or two ago, there was a Saturday Night Live skit with the actor who played Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movie. It was a parody of “Undercover Boss” (a TV show where bosses go undercover to see what life is “really like.”) So, basically, Kylo Ren goes undercover as “Matt, the radar technician”, to see what work-life is really like on Starkiller Base.

Yes, there are some cringe-worthy moments in that video. But, the entire thing has sparked another Twitter account: Matt the Radar Technician.

Whoever’s posting is doing a great job of tweeting from the character of “Matt, the radar technician.” It’s woth following, if you’re on Twitter.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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