Awkward Situations — when are corrections worth it?

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So… I had a slightly awkward time last night. (Nothing serious.)

Ok, so, as I mentioned, I’m currently hyper-busy. I’m at a conference-y thing that’s really more like a summer camp, except they only randomly provide food.

This means that I’m responsible for my meals.

Well, the thingy is being held in a nice town with lots of food options. So I ended up deciding to go out for dinner tonight. Someone I met at the thing joined me.

We went to a fun place (“Noodles”!) that I went to on Monday. That was the fun part.

The awkward thing is that I apparently said something that falsely implied I’d never been there before. (Woops.)

So the guy was explaining things to me. And mentioned to the employees that it was “my first time” (it wasn’t.)

I never did end up correcting him… there were no advantages or disadvantages to being a first timer, so nobody got hurt…

What are your thoughts about situations like this?

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