Bother your friends in three easy steps!

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So. I had fun last night.

Ah, but did your friends?

I think so?

We were playing a game. It’s called “Betrayal at House on the Hill”.

It’s a horror-themed game, and I’d never played it before. And I think I was able to, umm…

Bother your friends, perhaps?

Well, yup. It was really fun!

So, here are three easy steps to do similar!

1. Play Betrayal at House on the Hill. (And yes, that title’s right, even though it looks like it’s missing an article. It’s not.)

One of the fun things about that game is that an “event” (called the Haunting) is sparked, and somebody ends up becoming the traitor. With their own particular (horror-themed) mission.

So, 2. Become the traitor. (Alas, this is randomly assigned. So, not entirely controllable…)

As you probably guessed, that randomly happened to me. And it was fun.

3. Play in as cheerful sunshiney a way as possible! Yup. The scenario was Cannibals. Civilized Cannibals. So naturally, that just requires all the sugar, spice, and everything nice! (See how even that has a slightly bothersome image now, in the context of cannibal?) And pleasant, civilized smile. It’s so delightful they’ll be joining you for dinner, after all!

And I wager you can do the same thing for other scenarios as well. Possibly not with the same amount of punnage, but certainly with comparable happy-cheerful-you’re-all-going-to-die!-ness.

(Even though they did actually win.)

Yep. It was fun.

Have a lovely day!

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