Celebrating one year of daily posts!

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Well, how about that.


It’s January 28th.

Congratulations. You can read the date.

Yes… It’s exactly a year since I started this blog.

Oh, you mean it has be a year since you started storing your fluff in my space on the web?

Yeah, I guess you could put it that way!

It does not seem like it has been that long.

…Really? You certainly complain about this often enough.

Of course I complain! I am a melodramatic actress, after all! I need to stay in practice!

Also, I only discovered several months ago that there is an infinite number of sub-spaces that you cannot get to on this site, as of yet. Because they exist, when I need my peace, and a place away from contentless fluff, I can disappear.

Oh. So when you disappear, you’re in uncharted portions of the internet?

From your perspective, for much of the time, yes.

It is just as well for you, too. This means I’ve even been able to appreciate having you here.


Yes. In fact, I quickly designed this in honor of the one-year occasion:

A birthday cake for totalfluff

Happy Birthday, Total Fluff!

…You even matched the colors of the site?

Well, I was not going to use colors that clashed!

Aww, thank you Fluffy!

Hey, none of the sentimentality now. I have a reputation to maintain.

Right. Of course. Sorry.

Well, happy Tuesday, Fluffsters! I hope you stay warm, and I hope you have an excellent day.

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