Dogs find the oddest “fluffy spots.”

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Due to fortunate circumstances, I caught a picture of my dog being adorable.

That dog has some of the oddest sleeping locations and preferences. All right, so he’s not as bad as my younger dog who sleeps on top of his crate. But still, he’s a bit odd.

This evening, for example, I watched him slightly paw at an empty backpack on the ground before flopping down on it.

A white fluffy dog sleeping on a backpack.

My dog on the back of a backpack. Sleeping.

You can’t quite see it very well, but the thing he’s on top if is the backpack. It was very cute, if slightly odd, and very much in keeping with this dog’s eccentricities.

Yes, he’s eccentric. I don’t know of any other dog that would deliberately go up to a hot pepper plant and eat fresh hot peppers. (He did this frequently when he was younger, so clearly he enjoyed it.)

Aren’t dogs great?

Anyways, happy Wednesday! We’re halfway there!

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