Dress Doodling Peeves

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Fluffsters, I have a problem.

Well, actually I have several. Maybe even more than several. (Nobody’s perfect- not even me!) But I’m only going to focus on one right now.

Ok. So, for as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil (or a crayon, or a marker, or anything) I’ve been doodling dresses. I love dresses.

The big problem, though, is that I can’t get the anatomy for the human figure right. Seriously. It’s as though my fingers refuse to draw a decent, accurate female body shape.

So, this is a problem. If I don’t know if the body shape is at all accurate, I cannot tell if it would be worthwhile to try to figure out how to make my dress ideas come to life. And I don’t want to spend $20 or more on a failure. (I like big, fluffy skirts, too, so it would likely even cost more. A lot more. Just on the fabric. Not including time.)

So I don’t know what to do. Should I try to make prototypes of the dresses anyway? Stick to doodling? Try to work on more accurate human anatomy, even though it’s not nearly as much fun as dress-drawing?

If you have any thoughts, just leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Dress Doodling Peeves

  1. Elizabeth

    Have you considered making muslins? After drafting your pattern, you use cheap fabric (I like old bed sheets) to do a trial run. You still have to spend money on fabric, but at least it’s cheaper than formal fabrics.

    1. Webmaster Post author

      That’s a good idea! I really want to, but I’m not quite sure where to get good cheap fabric.
      The other big problem is that I’m curious as to whether or not my sketch ideas would even work on a human figure. I guess the Muslin would help, but I’d still need to spend money on fabric, without knowing if there’s even a possibility of it working…
      I like the idea of old bed sheets!


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