Fluffy New(ish) Craze!

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So, I recently found out about a fun new “New Year’s Resolution”(ish) craze– it’s called a “Temperature Blanket.”

Basically, for every day of the year, you crochet (or knit) 1/365th of an afghan per day. (Basically, crochet somewhere between 1 and three rows. Possibly knit 1-3 rows instead, too, but you might need to do more for the knit version. I have a tendency to think of knit rows as being shorter than crochet.) Now the fun part? The color you use corresponds to the day’s temperature. Some people choose high, some low, some both. But the effects can be pretty.

And, since we have data on temperatures and stuff for previous days, you don’t actually have to start it on the first of the year (or whatever month you’re starting.) And if you miss a day, you can catch up. All you need is the temperature information, and you can make it!

Lionbrand Yarn, someplace called “the Crochet Crowd” and various other blogs have yarn recommendations and instructions.

Happy crafting!

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