“Food” I ate today

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Hello, Fluffsters!

Sometimes, I really don’t know what on earth the cooks where I am are thinking. Seriously.

I went to the dessert section, and this is what I saw:

the freakiest looking "lemon dessert" and "key lime pie" bon appettit has ever served...

“Lemon Dessert”. and “Key Lime Pie.”

“Lemon dessert”. And the most opaque, weirdest looking key lime pie I’ve ever seen. (The chocolate cake doesn’t look bad, but I’m not a fan of most mass-produced chocolate cakes. Especially from this place.)

I think the white stuff is the “lemon dessert.” I still have no idea what it was. But I figured it was fluff, and so I needed to take a picture of it, and try it. All for you, Fluffsters, and for the good of this site!

Your dedication to this site is heartwarming. And maybe gag inducing.

You have no idea. Here’s what the servings of the dessert looked like:

A picture of the lemon fluff dessert and odd keylime pie the webmaster had after dinner last night

At least the maraschino cherry had the expected consistency…

The good news was that they actually tasted ok. The Key “lime” pie could have used much more lime flavoring, but it wasn’t bad. I’d give it probably about a 3/5 for flavor. If you need to pay for it, it’s totally not worth it. If you get it with your meal, however, you can go for it if you really want dessert. It’s not phenomenal, but the flavor was ok.

The Lemon stuff (the white fluff on the plate) was slightly sour and sweet, I think. In all, the flavor wasn’t bad. I’m not entirely sure I could have differentiated between the key lime pie, the whipped cream, and the “lemon dessert” with a great deal of accuracy on the flavor, but it didn’t taste bad. The flavor again wasn’t quite worth spending money on. (Unless it was a sorbet of some sort. That would likely have been worth it.)

The cherry was a typical maraschino cherry, fortunately. So it tasted moderately fruitlike, really sweet, and fairly synthetic. I love maraschino cherries!

The consistency of the things, however…

The key lime pie was a little thicker than I was used to, but it was ok. Combined with the flavor, though, and it’s only worth getting if you’re really in a mood for dessert. Or writing a fluff blog, like I am. It would certainly not be worth spending extra money on.

Fortunately, there’s not much anyone can do to maraschino cherries. That was about as expected, and probably the most normal, least synthetic thing on the plate. I’d spend money for that type of cherry. Maraschino cherries are fantastic! (And so consistent, too!)

The “lemon dessert”, however? Well, I don’t think words can do it justice.

I would probably give that dessert about a 1.2/5. It didn’t taste bad, it just was very… weird. And had a bizarre consistency. I’m not sure I even noticed the flavor, the texture was so different. I would not recommend getting it, even if it’s included, unless you’re a) masochistic, b) writing a blog about food / fluff, d) always curious to try new culinary… “experiences”, or c) both.

I sort of expected it to have a whipped cream or cool whip sort of consistency. It didn’t. It was practically impossible to describe. So here’s a video of my actually using a bit of pressure on the spongy, almost gelatinous whipped substance. Enjoy?


Happy Thursday!

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