Fun Fact about Olive Oil!

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So, I made an interesting discovery the other day. Pertaining to Olive Oil.

And cookies.

And Play-Doh.

I am not entirely sure I like where this is going…

Yeah, I’m not I liked where it went, either…

Because, you see, I was making cake-mix cookies the other day, but didn’t have any vegetable oil. So I ended up using olive oil.

And it turns out there’s a reason the recipes don’t call for olive oil. Because, you see–

–Olive oil makes it taste like play-doh?


How did you guess?

It was the logical conclusion, given your progression of the “fact” pertaining to olive oil.

…I suppose.

Yup. So. Fun fact about olive oil: You can use it to make play-doh-esque cookies!


Have a lovely Saturday!

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