Good books and old friends

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I’ve recently been having a bit of a “staycation”-ish type thing, and part of that has included rereading a book. And that got me thinking of how much books really are like old friends. Or at least, they can have good friends in them. Especially the longer books!

Especially the books that we know and love. There, you start to really get to know the characters. And as you see how the characters respond to a certain situation, you can start figuring out how they’d respond to other situations. And you just enjoy reading about the characters’ lives.

In some cases also, the books themselves are like an old friend. Friends tell us stories, after all; often about their lives. And a good book will tell us stories, and let us get to know their essence just a little bit better. And just as we get familiar with friends, and start being able to predict what they’re going to say, we can get to know a book, too. Or We’re comfortable with friends, and with old books.

So, yep. Re-reading has been a great joy. I’m revisiting an old friend.

What have you been doing this weekend?

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