Happy Fall!

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

In case you didn’t know, TODAY IS OFFICIALLY FALL!

So, here’s some information about Fall.


A) Fall is when the Pumpkin Plague starts up again. This actually seems to be happening a bit earlier every year. But, I think you know what I’m talking about. Pumpkin is getting into everything. EVEN PIE!

2. Temperatures start cooling down in honor of the falling leaves. The weather is very sensitive, you see, and it mourns the loss of green. So naturally, when the leaves start to change color, the temperature quickly adjusts.

I know I should respond to that blatant reversal of science. But I do not think it will do any good.

Probably true.


Third: Fall should actually be spelled FALL. You see, it’s actually an acronym for “Falling Autumn Leaves Lament”, in honor of the weather adjusting its temperature in honor of the falling leaves. So, we’ve got multi-fold honoring going on. Neat, isn’t it?

Ok, I am leaving this post. Good day, readers.

Bye, Fluffy!

And back to me again.

Actually, those were about the only three pieces of information I wanted to share with you for this post, so I’m also going to leave. Have a lovely day!

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