Laurel AND Yanny

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Greetings, readers!

There is an interesting discussion in the Internet at the moment. There is a recording that may either sound like Yanny, or like Laurel. There is a Tweet that asks you to vote.

Then, Business Insider gives an explanation for what is going on. Somebody did a high-frequency recording of the word “Yanny”, and a low-frequency recording of the word “Laurel”. The two recordings were then overlaid, in such a way that it is difficult (if not entirely impossible) to hear both. The recording discovery of it can be found in another tweet. (Slight language warning.)

The fascinating thing for me: when I started, I could only hear Yanny. After listening to the different pitch levels, however, I can hear both with Laurel as the main one. I have no explanation.

What about you?

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