Moldable Plastic Looks FANTASTIC

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Ok, so I encountered Internet Information about a type of craft I REEEEAAAALLLY want to try… As of right now, anyway. (If I’m feeling this way tomorrow, I may actually order the material.)

The material is easily moldable plastic. Like, “you pour the pellets into warm-to-hot water, let it sit, then mold it, and wait for it to cool” easy. Some of the things you can do with it are incredible, too!

One company has a monthly contest, and one of the winners was a Ninja Figurine. And it looks professional quality!

I realize I’m not going to be there for a looong time… but one of the best parts? The material is reusable. Don’t like the way something came out? Throw it back in the hot water, and it becomes re-formable.

Given that a starter amount is about $10 from Amazon, it is incredibly tempting… Again, I’ll see. But who knows- you might be seeing some plastic sculptures from me soon.

Have a lovely day!

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