Monday Mediocrity

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

I have no clue why, but the title came to me as I was thinking about writing this post. And I had no clue where the title came from. Or where to go with it. So, I’m just goin’ with it.

Anyways. Mondays are frequently associated with “bad” vibes. Or something.

I think it’s because that’s when people go back to work, and it’s the beginning of a long schlog. (Technical term, that, right?)

Anyways. So, I decided, instead of having Mondays be bad, in everything, why not strive for improvement, and have there be at least mediocrity in an area? And give Mondays permission to not be excellent, but to be merely mediocre instead?

Anyways, I think that today’s, for me, is spelling. I will do my best to be at least mediocre in my various notes, and teh spelling on this blog.

How about you?

Happy Monday!

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