Multi-accents can be amusing

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Greetings, readers!

I was randomly re-watching various things with European actors. For a few instances, the actors are supposedly Americans, and thus need to (try to) adjust their natural accents.

I always find it amusing when that happens, as they do not entirely succeed.

For example, the trailer for “Gracepoint” (which is a remake of the BBC show “Broadchurch”) includes David Tennant doing a reasonably admirable job of an American accent. However, you can still catch some of his native accent throughout. (He does not come into the trailer until about a minute in. Minute 3 is one of the more noticeable points.)

That was one of the subtler times.

There is also a 2-part episode of Doctor Who that features a British actor somewhat trying to sound American. The episode is “The Impossible Astronaut.” The actor is Mark Sheppard. The character is former FBI agent Canton Delaware III.

Once more, the actor does an admirable job of impersonating an American accent. However, there are quite a number of times that his native London accent show through.

I find it amusing.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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