Next question: “Icebreakers”!

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So. I’m sure you’re aware that “icebreakers” a type of question, generally used at the beginning of events.

This leads to a question: What do you think the first icebreaker question was? And why do you think it got the name?

My first bet is that it’s two fishermen who show up to find the lake is frozen over. They’ve been standing for a while, staring, sometimes casting their line, to watch in dismay as it keeps landing on the ice. The silence grows awkward.

Finally, one looks at the other and asks, “Any ideas how to break the ice?”

“Hmm,” says the other. “I bet we could figure this out.”

And as they talk, and get closer to the ice to examine it, the heat of their breath broke through the ice. And they both had made a new friend.

But that’s just my thought.

What do you think the first icebreaker was?

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