Obligatory Post about New Captain America Trailer

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Greetings, readers.

I think I may be obligated to inform you that there is a new Marvel trailer out.

It is for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie.

The video is below.

I am not particularly thrilled about this. It looks like it will once again be a ham-handed political commentary that most people will not even recognize, per usual with the Captain America movies.

Take “Winter SOldier”, for example. That was clearly a discussion of the tradeoffs between moderate Liberal Internationalism, and over-the-top, taken-to-its-extremes to the point of almost being a Straw Man representation of International Realism. (In case you could not tell, I found that movie annoying. However, I have only seen it once. It is possible that it is not as bad (philosophically speaking) as I am remembering.)

Thus, my obligatory presentation of the trailer. I am not especially excited for this movie; I expect that there will once more be unfair, ham-handed misrepresentations of political theory for the purpose of exploring Hollywood’s philosophical preferences. Worse, people are going to love it.

Have a nice Friday.

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