“Pocket Princess” comics are ADORABLE!

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You need an extra boost of cute in your life. (Why else would you be here?)

So, I’m going to help. I recently rediscovered a Tumblr comic called “Pocket Princess.” Basically, it’s one-panel comics in seriously adorable style. The basic premise: All the Disney Princesses live together in a single house.

So here are a few. This will probably take several posts. But seriously, how can you not like them?

Like, it’s a comic that deals with Rapunzel, Cinderella, and cleaning.

Or Jasmine (incidentally the only princess to have been raised as a princess) interacting with others… like Ariel. Or any of the others, really…

There’s even a hinted at crossover theory. (Monster’s Inc. dealing with Disney Princesses? That would be amusing!)

So, yeah. Enjoy!

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