Sometimes I wonder why my upstairs neighbors have 3am dance parties

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So, my upstairs neighbors seem to be very… energetic. They’re not exactly really loud, they just stamp around their apartment. At odd times. In odd ways.

It means that sometimes, I wonder why my neighbors are apparently having 3:00am dance parties at 3am. Or 10:30pm. Or 4 in the morning.

The rest of the time, I just accept it.

When the pondering does happen, I’m actually sometimes tempted to see if they’re even human. (I live in a pet-friendly place. It doesn’t sound like a dog, but you never can tell.)

But then I’d know. And that defeats the fun. Right now, I can speculate about their dance parties.

If I were to find out that it’s just for the sake of exercise, that would be so much more boringer.




Anyway. So, yep. Conundrums. I think I’ve pretty much decided not to ask. After all, I can always change my mind in that direction. But I wouldn’t be able to go back, after I’ve asked. Or even found out who they are.

Yup. Fun times.

Happy Sunday!

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