The upcoming release of Pete’s Dragon looks different.

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So. Disney is re-releasing a lot of its old classics. The one I most recently found out about is Pete’s Dragon. It was one of my favorites growing up. And there’s now a new version coming out this year. The trailer was released yesterday.

It looks very different.

I mean, seriously.

That is a totally different feel. Just look at their dragon, for one. The new one? Although the wings still probably wouldn’t work from a physics perspective, it’s not as adorable looking as the original Elliot’s pink wings.

And I didn’t see any signs of the over-the-top “happiest home in the hills” family either.

In all honesty, it looks a bit more like Jungle Book than Pete’s Dragon.

But it might still be an ok movie. I’m withholding judgement until closer to the release date.

Have a lovely week!

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