Thoughts on Foods for Thought

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So, I’m building off of my question about food for thought, I realized there are a few nuances to the question that might not be obvious to start.

First, there’s the question of when would you not want brain working at full brainage.

Presumably, you would have wanted it for that previous sentence. Similarly, it presumably did not happen with your most recent sentence.

Meh, whatever.

As I was saying. There are times when you might not want full thinky things to think. Like, right before bed.

So, a warm glass of milk might not be the bestest of all possible ideas.

And next, there’s the consideration of whether you want an excuse for having a particular type of food, or whether you want most value. Like, if only super ridiculously sweetly fantastic sugar cookies with cream-cheese frosting yield my Full Thought Potential, then clearly I would need to have more of them more often.

On the other hand, something common like ice-berg lettuce would possibly increase the frequency of Brainage.

So, what are your thoughts?

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