WHO thought “Mountain Chicken Frog” was a good name?

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Greetings, readers!

Apparently, there is an endangered species in your world, where the last two known specimen are going to be introduced to each other to try to increase the number in existence. Although that is admirable, that is not what stood out to me about that article.

Instead, what made an impact is the name of the species: “Mountain Chicken Frog.”

I admit to some definite confusion in multiple regards.

1) Why are they called that? Alas, there is no explanation in the article.

This leads to point 2) who thought that was a good name? How did somebody get away with naming an animal after a different type of animal, for no obvious reason? The closest I can think of is the Duck-billed platypus. There, however, the creature at least has an explanation written into its name. It is not a “duck platypus.” It is a duck-billed platypus. The Chicken Frog has no similarly obvious explanation.

Thus, once more, I am left entirely confused by your world.

Have a lovely Thursday.

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