You know those times when you feel like you’ve forgotten something…?

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So. You know those times when you wake up, maybe feeling like you forgot to do something, but you go about your day like normal? And then you realize a few hours later that you totally forgot to pre-write your daily blog-post the night before?

Because I’m not saying that I do. I’m just asking. For a friend. You know.

In related news, sorry this post is late. I’ll blame the dragons for this one.

…You are really going to pin the lateness of the fluff post on the dragons? Why in the world would they wish to intervene in something so trivial?

Maybe because it’s so trivial, and they have something against trivialities?

Also, would you prefer I ask why you didn’t post one? It used to be that you’d jump on every opportunity I gave you, intentional or not.

Thought so.

Anyway, happy Wednesday!

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