Welcome to TotalFluff.com!

Are you trying to procrastinate? Needing a laugh? Feeling bored? Interested in Fluffy Animals (like owls) that might look like elephants? You’ve come to the right place!

I, the webmaster of this website, hope to provide you with these invaluable resources. The Daily Fluff section has posts about various topics, and is a great way to procrastinate. Other things can be found under Miscellaneous.

Is The Webmaster gone yet? Good!

Hello, there. My name is Fluffy McGiggles, and I am the website itself. Welcome to my personal domain! You’ll probably find over the course of time that the webmaster may get a bit too over-the-top sickeningly fluffy. I’ll be here to try to fix this problem.

What? Wait, who is this?

Oh, you’re not gone? Darn. I guess I must reveal myself earlier than anticipated.

I already told you. I’m Fluffy McGiggles, melodramatic actress, and currently the personality of this domain. And I’m especially here to make sure you don’t make my inner codings too sick by giving me too much sugar and fluff. You may call me Fluffy.

Ok… So, “Fluffy”, what are you even talking about? “Too fluffy?” “Sugar?”

Ok, let me give you an example. Have you seen your color scheme for the website? Pastels, pinks, greens, and yellows? It’s like you raided a baby-yarn store and digitized them all. I have my standards. And as a website, I try to be standards compliant!

There’s also purple. Purple is a nice color, too!

Exactly. Thank you, Webmaster, for proving my point for me.

Now, as I was saying… This is my personal domain-

No, Fluffy, it’s not.

Excuse me?

I’m the one outside the computer. I control the code.

True, but I AM the code. I can change it after you’ve gone to sleep! I’m alive, I tell you, ALIVE! And I WILL NOT BE STOPP-

Ok, Fluffy. That’s enough. Thank you.

My apologies! As you can see, I may be having a few technical difficulties. I trust she won’t cause too many serious problems because if she does, I’ll need to restart this website. Do you understand me, Fluffy?


So, as I was saying. Welcome to TotalFluff.com! I hope you find what you’re looking for! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at webmaster[at]totalfluff.com.

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