What’s Going On (A Brief Rundown)

Hello, there! Welcome to TotalFluff! I’m glad you found us. I am the Webmaster. This is my website, on which I am keeping a daily-fluff blog, posting some recipes, and will eventually be uploading various other sorts of things I find fluffy and/or pointless. All for your entertainment.

As you go along, you will find that I am not the only one posting on the website. Someone (or something) from an alternate universe has come to this website, and, well, I’ll ask her to explain.


Ah, my turn!

Hello, everyone! I’m Fluffy McGiggles. I’m currently the personification of the website. Personally, I think the Webmaster goes a little too over-the-top sickeningly-sweet and whatnot. So I’ve taken it upon myself to comment on it when I catch her doing so.

I also have a small shred of hope that if I bug her enough, she’ll eventually go away and leave me (and this website) in peace.

That won’t happen.

As I said, wishful thinking.

As you can see, though, we both have very different appearances. Anytime I’m speaking, what I say will appear in this green style.

And I appear in this purple!

I hope that helps! Now, have fun with the Fluff of the Day, or just exploring the website. I hope to see you again soon!

Disclaimer: The Webmaster and Fluffy McGiggles are fictitious. Although some posts/events are based on real life, the views presented on this site do not necessarily reflect the real views of author(s) of the site.

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