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About The Webmaster

Hello, again!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am the Webmaster. I created this website to be able to share fluffiness in the form of various crafts I’ve made, animals I find cute, and other generic fluffy things. In other words, I hope to provide a total break from brain activity, and allow you, the reader, to relax.

Total break from brain activity? That explains so much…

Hello again! As you know, my name is Fluffy McGiggles, and the world of this website is my home, the internet my universe. It is with great disapproval that the Webmaster has taken over this website. She and I have, shall we say, differences of opinion on what should be present on this site. Of course, given that she is my outside representative, I do not protest overly much. But it would be nice if there were actual content on this site.

Because of this, I am trying to bring some semblance of quality to this domain.

That reminds me, Fluffy, I’m still confused as to who or what you are. My programming friends tell me you’re not a virus, at least not like one they’ve ever seen. But yet you’re in a computer. So, what are you?

I thought you’d never ask!

Listen, then, and I shall tell you the tale of how I came to be here.

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About Fluffy McGiggles

Not too long ago, in a very different world from the one you live in, I was born.

Fluffy McGiggles's portrait

As close a digital representation I could make of how I appeared in my home.

My parents were involved in a traveling troupe of actors, and so I was raised to be one of them. For as long as I can remember, I have been on stage, and usually the center of attention. I was raised on all the classics: The Ballad of Blood-Berringer, Polontius, and other great works.

And then one day, tragedy occurred. Oh! Woe is me, for a magician came to our show one day. And we were performing Marius the Magician, one of the best shows, which highly celebrates wizardry. But alas, my Father, (who was playing Marius) had a bad cold that day. Because of this, we needed to use his understudy, who was not of the same caliber as my family. The magician was displeased, for he seemed to think it mocked him.

After that, he visited us backstage, and made his displeasure quite clear. In vengeance for my father not performing the role of Marius, the wizard banished me, one of my father’s greatest treasures, to a different universe.

And so, here I am. I was transported through a portal, and I, Fluffy McGiggles, World Famous Melodramatic Actress, was confined to this thing called “the internet.” And this domain has become my home. I hope one day to return to my home, where I will once again be universally adored. But alas! I shall do my best to survive, and keep the Webmaster in check.

So, now that you know about me, and about the Webmaster, please enjoy the site!

Disclaimer: The Webmaster and Fluffy McGiggles are fictitious. Although some posts/events are based on real life, the views presented on this site do not necessarily reflect the real views of author(s) of the site.

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