Hello again!

Here are an assortment of miscellaneous things that don’t quite fit into the other categories. For example, the Total Fluff FAQ page.

Oh, we have a page for questions, now? That might be worth my while. I think I’ll go check it out…
Don’t break anything, Fluffy, or I will restart this site.
Don’t worry. I won’t do anything permanent…

That sounds ominous.

Anyways, as another alternative, if you’re feeling a bit nibbly, I have a some favorite recipes I’m willing to share with you.

Ooh, those also sound like fun!
Aren’t you digital? How do you know what things even taste like?
Alas, I was not always digital. Once, I was a stunning actress, of the finest caliber. Unfortunately-
Nevermind. Maybe we can use that story for the about us page.
Fine. You steal all my fun, don’t you?

Isn’t that my purpose?

Anyways, sorry about that. You have no idea how annoying it is to have your own website’s personality argue with you.

So, please! Have fun and explore!

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