Hello again! Welcome to my recipes page!

I’ve found many of these recipes online or on the back of the box, and then modified them slightly. Most, if not all, of these recipes are for desserts. Or dessert-like substances. Like breakfast foods. You know.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Me too.

Rest assured, dear readers, that I will not let the Webmaster get away with giving you pure fluff. I’ll do my best to make her recipes… interesting.

Don’t you dare poison my recipes!

Oh, come on. It’s not as though I was actually going to poison anyone! Then who would be my audience?

But don’t worry; as I add my own modifications to recipes, I’ll be sure to try to make it noticeable to the readers.


Well, in that case, here are my recipes. (I’ll be adding to them over the course of time.)

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