Marshmallow Finger Taffy

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Hello, everyone!

Believe it or not, I once was in Girl Scouts. And as you’d expect, that means that we went camping and had campfires and stuff. And you know what that means, right? Roasted Marshmallows. And s’Mores.

Now personally, I wasn’t always a fan of s’Mores. Or plain marshmallows. But there was one “recipe” I learned that’s stuck with me ever since. It’s a way of making marshmallows edible!

What is this miracle recipe, you ask? Well, it’s:

Finger Marshmallow Taffy

This recipe is one of the simplest in the universe. A three year old can make it. You probably shouldn’t let your three-your-old make it, for reasons that will soon be obvious, but it’s that simple.

So you start off with a marshmallow or two. In the pictures I’m using mini-marshmallows, since that’s what I had on hand. (Literally.) So here are the illustrated steps:

One-Handed Directions

1) Take your Marshmallow between your thumb and forefinger on whichever hand you’re using.

Picture of slightly squished marshmallows between two fingers

Hold the Marshmallows Between Two Fingers

2) Start squishing and stretching the marshmallows. Repeat ad-nauseum.

Squish and stretch the marshmallow!

Squish and Stretch and Squish and Stretch and…

3) Eventually, it will get really stretchy and shiny.

practically done marshmallow taffy

Stretchy, shiny marshmallow!

4) Keep smashing and stretching. It will eventually turn very sticky, shiny, and elasticky. The longer you smoosh it, the better it gets.

A quick rule of thumb (so to speak): If your thumb, hand, and forefinger are still clean, you’re doing it wrong. And it’s not ready yet.

Shiny, fluffy marshmallow mess

A formerly dull and lifeless marshmallow has now turned into a shiny LIVELY MESS THAT HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN!!!

5) When it’s shiny, stretchy, and your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off, you’re done! (Well, done enough, anyways.) Now, enjoy!

Your former marshmallow no longer tastes exactly like a marshmallow. It’s a lot denser. And really hard to explain. But it’s really good! Personally, I’d be very interested in seeing someone use it as a glue for a gingerbread house. I can’t imagine that not working well. It’s both very tasty, and super sticky. But the best part? It’s water soluble. So even though your hands and fingers are a sticky mess by the end, if you can get to a sink without touching anything, the cleanup is super easy!

Two-Handed Marshmallow Taffy

I don’t actually have any images for this. But basically, here’s the only difference.

Instead of keeping the marshmallow confined to one hand, pinch back and forth with your thumb and forefinger on each hand. Believe me, it’s a lot easier. But also a lot messier. Which is why you really shouldn’t let your three-year-old make this. Unless you don’t mind having an energetic kid running around with stickiness all over him or her that ENGULFS EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES! By all means, let them make Marshmallow Taffy!

Other Modifications

Although I used mini-marshmallows, it’s really a lot better with BIG marshmallows. And be sure to use fresh marshmallows. Stale marshmallows still work out, but it’s harder to get started.

I hope you enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Finger Taffy

  1. Audrey A Rosen

    Thanks so much for this!! Brings back my childhood… I didn’t know anyone else knew about Marshmallow “Finger Taffy”! I recall sitting on the floor in front of our RCA console TV on February 9, 1964 and squealing/eating marshmallow taffy off my fingers as the Beatles performed. Great memories!


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