A season finale that did not ruin the show!

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Greetings, readers!

These past few days, I have been what I believe your world calls “binge-watching” the Netflix show Daredevil. Last night, I finished what was available.

I really enjoyed the show. It was interesting, had deeper ideas to think about, and yet was still basically a superhero show.

One thing I especially appreciated about it is that the season finale did not leave a pointlessly stupid cliffhanger as a come-on for the next season. It was open-ended enough for me to be anticipating the next season, but did not do so by throwing any of the infuriating “curve-balls” that some other shows (such as Once Upon a Time) have. Furthermore, the characters were generally fairly consistent.

I rather recommend this show.*

Have a great day!

*Please note, this is a rather more violent and gory show than many. If such things bother you, you probably do better not watching Daredevil.

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