Add More “Epic” To Your Life

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Hello, Fluffsters!

I’ve come to the realization that our lives don’t seem as epic as they could, with just some very easy fixes.

And this is sad.

So here are

Some quick tips on how to add “Epic!” back into your life.

1) Watch the movie “Epic”. I haven’t actually seen it yet myself, but the name would definitionally bring “epic” into your life.

2) Or read Lord of the Rings, Iliad, Odyssey, or any other epic. Books qualify, after all, and they will guarantee more epic in your life.

3) Use melodramatic language. For example, if you need to tell someone to “be careful”, why not use “Beware” instead? So, instead of saying “Careful, glass fell and broke”, you could say “Beware! A spontaneous increase in entropy has occurred!”

4) Periodically, over-dramatize stuffs. Some people have even developed a game: “Shatner”. At random times, if someone yells “Shatner!”, you suddenly need to put dramatic… pauses. And random accents(!) into whatever you are doing. Even without this game you can always take time to be epic. Going to the grocery store? Avoid the marauding ninjas. (Careful, they’re disguised as traffic cones.)

And that’s about what I have.

What do you think? Any brilliant ideas for how to make your life more epic?

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