An Infographic about Infographics!

Hello, everyone!

I have learned recently that Infographics are the way to go.

“Infographic”? And what way to go?

In reverse order, 1) I have no clue, and 2) here’s an infographic to help you with infographics:

An infographic about identifying infographics

An Infographic about Infographics? How Meta do you get?

I hope that helps!

Somehow, I’m not entirely sure if I believe your infographic…


You equate 1000 words with an image. I don’t think that works in this case…

But the font is so pretty! How can you contest what the font says? Anyways, can’t you trust everything you find on the internet?

Anywho, happy Wednesday!

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4 thoughts on “An Infographic about Infographics!

  1. Marlene

    This looks suspiciously like the flow charts we used to use in the ancient days of computer programming.


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