Birds can be Silly

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Hello, Fluffsters!

I am going to take a temporary break from reviewing fantasy stuff, in order to bring you this public service announcement:

Birds can be silly.

Yes, I am mentioning this for a reason.

Today, I had the opportunity to go sailing with some family in a Pacific-area bay. It was really fun. One of the amusing things, though, was watching various birds.

There were about two that were common. One was the common sea gull. Those guys are actually kinda fun. Yes, they look silly. But they’re also kinda graceful. Especially when they land- they’ve discovered how to land gently on the water.

There was another type of bird, however, that was just ridiculous in every way possible. It was large, brown, and had a black beak. It also pulled its head back when it flew, and just looked a bit dorky. And when it landed on the water… Well, it didn’t so much “land” as nosedived. Seriously.

Every. Single. One.

They would approach the water in a downward direction. And then, rather than angling up, they would crash. The rear seemed to bob up for a moment, and the head completely submerged. I’m sure they were fishing, but it certainly looked like they simply didn’t know how to land properly. (If you even refer to it being “landing” when they’re aiming for… water.)

It was quite amusing.

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