Why are they called “Earbuds”?

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

So. Something that I hadn’t really thought about before.

Why on earth are “earbuds” called “earbuds”?

Well, I came up with a couple of different explanations.

Here we go again…

Explanation 1: They are harvested from the Ear Tree Dr. Frankenstein used to get ears for his monster.

Explanation 1b: They are converted from elephant-ear plants.

…And here we went again.

Explanation 2: They are actually harvested from ears that have made music. In this case, a person with music knowledge thinks really hard about all the music that might possibly occur to anyone else. Their thoughts are so strong, the person’s ears “bud”. The buds are then able to play the music, when linked with someone else’s telepathic interface, or the music player.

I think I’m liking this explanation the best.

I do not understand how this happens, Webmaster. I am not even from your world, and I have a better understand of your world’s technology than you do. I am serious- how did this happen?

Maybe you just lack the ability to understand the creative responses, Fluffy.

…I am not responding to this.

And yet, readers, you might note that she did.

Anyways, happy Monday!

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