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Greetings, readers!

I am going to divert this website from the recent overdose of the Webmaster’s saccharine posts to show you a surprisingly useful tool. It is, and I kid you not, a text case converter.

What this tool does is incredibly helpful, especially if you are dealing with someone else’s writing. It takes text, and converts it into the desired “case”. The cases include “sentence case” (which is what I use), lower case (which uses no capitalization), upper case (for those who need to imitate a caps-lock), “Capitalized Case” (presumably for long titles), and “alternating case”. Why someone would choose the latter is completely beyond me- my only assumption is that such a person is spawn of evil and has a masochistic / sadistic streak seldom seen in a human.

I hope you find this tool useful, and I hope you have a happy Wednesday.

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