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Hello, Fluffsters!

In honor of it being Sunday, I wanted to share an amusing video with you that I expect many who grew up in a church environment will find amusing.

It’s a video called Handmotions in Heaven.

Spoiler Basically it’s a song that asks, with handmotions, whether or not there will be handmotions in heaven. But you probably guessed that from the name of the song.

The chorus gets a little repetitive, and one of the verses has a little bit of “boy humor” (from my perspective), but verse two is amazing. For those of you not as aware of YouthGroup culture from a while ago, all the words (when he’s in the “evangelization section”) are taken directly from popular praise songs, most of which have the hand motions associated with them that the performers use. End spoilers.

Without further ado, here’s the song. Enjoy!

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