Boring Things I’m Calling Comfortable (6/6): Finishing

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Hello, Fluffsters! With this post, I’m DONE WITH THIS CHALLENGE! BWAHAHAHA!

Because of that, I’m turning “finishing” into my boring thing I’m writing about as comforting.

The Comfort of Finishing

It’s seriously a comfort to be done with finishing stuff. Seriously. And this week, I’ve finished (or will have finished) a lot of things. I got a lot of paperwork turned in so that I’ll be making money this summer (yay!), I’m going to be finishing a class in literature, I’ve just finished a paper, and all sorts of other things.

Those are now no longer hanging over my head, and have freed me up to think of random questions! And other topics!

So, I do have a question. What would a bird bath for Phoenixes look like? Would it still be water? Or burning oil?

Also, if there are emergency defibrillators, are there normal defibrillators? And do defibrillators remove all deceptions, or just minor ones?

You lost me on that one.

Well, a fib is a small lie. So a deFIBrillator would be something that removes fibs, right? But what about larger lies? Does that require a heavier duty delierillator? (Would a Delyrerelator get rid of stringed musical instruments?)

Any thoughts, Fluffsters?

Anyways. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

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