Comfortable Socks

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Hello, Fluffsters!

D’you know something else that’s comfortable? Socks.

I love socks. As long as they’re fun, that is. For example, I have about five useable pairs of socks that I love.

Two of the pairs are (according to the label) knee highs. One pair is bright hot pink(!) and the other pair is white with different colored hearts on it.

I also have some “seasonal” socks, but that doesn’t stop me in the spring. You see, they’re penguin socks. And really cute! Penguins are like owls, but they can’t fly. And they’re located in a slightly colder area.



My other two pairs that I really like are Muppet themed. The green pair is, of course, Kermit themed. The other (a bit to my surprise) is Animal themed. I am a bit surprised that they aren’t Miss Piggy, but that’s fine. I really like them!

What about you, Fluffsters? Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

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