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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Friday!

So. The weekend is once again nearly upon us. As it is approaching, I am sure you’re wondering just how you are going to beat the possibility of… BOREDOME.

“BORDOME”? With an “e”? Are you sure you didn’t mean “boredom?”

Yes. You see, “BORDOME” is basically the same as “boredom”, but a little more mysterious. It’s pronounced “bore-DOME” instead of “BORED-’em.”

Oh. Are you certain it should not be pronounced “bored-‘o-me”?

Yes. Quite sure.

But that’s a tangent.

For you see, I have here a useful link to help vanquish both boredom and BORDOME! For, you see, I have recently discovered a (new to me) comic. The name is a bit… odd. But It’s quite cute.

The comic? “Heavenly Nostrils.” The name comes from one of the characters- a unicorn named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils.

The premise: A little girl somehow saves a unicorn from looking at its reflection by skipping a rock. The unicorn grants the girl a wish, and they end up becoming best friends.

The unicorn, though extremely egocentric, is surprisingly endearing. And sarcastic. But mostly endearing. The little girl, Phoebe, is also quite charming.

I highly recommend the comic.

Oh, and a bit of a not-quite-hack for easy navigability on the “goComics” site that I linked to: If you manually change the date in the url (the navigation bar) you mostly avoid advertisements that take over your screen.

Well, have a great weekend! Happy reading!

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