Comparing Thunderstorms in CA to MI– no comparison

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Hiya, Fluffsters!

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently not in my normal location. I am instead in Michigan, for basically a summer camp. And as I’m writing this (last night, from when this thing is posted), there is currently a three hour sever Thunderstorm warning!!!

And this T-storm is fantastic. I love storms.

It kindof reminds me of when I was in Northern California this last January, and the weather sortof tried to have a “severe” thunderstorm.

The comparison is a bit hilarious.

(In part because there is no comparison.)

The storm that’s currently going on (as I’m writing this, not as you’re reading this) is a severe storm. By Michigan standards. That means there’s almost constant lightning flashes, the Thunder is gradually crashing louder as the center of the storm approaches, and the parking-lot turned into a river within about ten minutes.

In Northern California, by contrast…

Well, from what I recall, there were about two little bangs of thunder. I kid you not about the “bang”, too. The CA thunderstorm really was essentially like a cartoon “gag gun” in style comparison– you know, the one where when you try to fire it a flag comes out reading “bang” rather than really shooting anything.

And yes, there may have been some “river-y” ness. But that’s primarily because CA was so dry, any amount of rain would have turned anything into a river.

It’s really, really neat being back in a place with full-on, legitimate crashing thunderstorms.

Have a great Monday!

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