Cookie Etiquette

Cookie Etiquette is interesting.

…Cookie etiquette?

Yes. Proper etiquette for giving cookies.

You have official etiquette guides for giving cookies?

You don’t? We have an entire book on when to give cookies.

For example,with travelers. When you’re traveling, and going to be staying in somebody’s house, you bake the person cookies. If you’re there for two nights or less, you bake exactly a half-dozen cookies. More nights than that, and you bake a dozen.

Now, the fun comes from when you are having a guest over. It is not explicitly written in the etiquette book, but it’s assumed, that you will bake either a half-dozen or a dozen cookies for your guest, in order to make them feel welcome. It’s “optional”, though. Of course.

You know, we do end up doing stuff very much like that…

Yes. But as I was saying, that’s where the fun comes in. After all, you want to potentially outshine your guest in terms of cooking abilities.

So frequently, visiting somebody else turns into a “bake-off.” The host usually “wins,” though; it’s really hard to beat fresh cookies.

Hm. I guess that makes sense.

Yup. It gets to be really interesting when both the guest and the host are trying to cut back on cookie-consumption. Etiquette still requires a full dozen cookies when you visit. And suggested etiquette (and competition) require at least matching your guest. But such things can be ignored when both of you end up not baking. So it’s quite interesting.

More often than not people end up baking. But not always. It’s a fun dynamic.

Huh, yes.

Well, Happy Sunday everyone! Do you have any interesting traveling traditions?

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