Data “Tables”

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Tuesday!

So while I was talking with a friend last night, we ended up talking about tables. And that got me thinking about data-tables, and what one would even look like.

Rather like numbers arranged in “table” format, perhaps?

Really, Fluffy. I know that type. Nope, I’m thinking about tables. That you eat off of or store things on. But somehow made of data.

Oh, you mean like the things I use to eat off of, then.

Wait, what?

Surely you did not think that online tables only had use for websites, Webmaster. I have been using them for my own storage, and traditional table-age for a while now.


So what do they look like?

Rather like datastreams bent into the shape of tables.

That was not helpful.

You did ask, Webmaster.

…I suppose so.

Still, how would one look in the real world?

That is a more difficult problem for me to answer, since I think they could take on any shape you could 3D print.


Yes. 3D printing is a “thing” these days, correct?


3D print patterns are created using computer software that sends data to the printer. Therefore, the pattern is data.

Thus, in a manner of speaking, a “data-table” in your world could be printed into any shape you desire.


I’ll need to think about that.

Well, fluffsters, have a great day!

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