Dog Gifts…

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Wednesday!

Again, sorry about yesterday’s post’s weirdness and stuff. I really had something I wanted to share!

But I guess it’s ok, since I now have material for today with a bit less work than sometimes.


Today’s focuses on… “dog gifts.” Seriously. That’s what this website is calling them. (Because dogs really care whether or not you give them (non-food) gifts…)

Now, I have to confess… some of these actually look pretty cool. I rather like the aquarium dog house, for example! That is just neat. And the beside table/house/thing also looks pretty cool. But some of the stuff is just… not quite right. I mean, really. A video-chat with your pet device? I really doubt that any dog would appreciate the expense you went through when unwrapping the gift…

But what do you think?

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