ePIc Day — 3/14/15

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Greetings, readers!

Today is a very special day. It is the most ePIc Pi Day of your life, in all probability– 3/14/15, which, of course, maps to 3.1415…, or the first five digits of Pi.

Pi is also approximated by 22/7. Thus, today’s goal is to provide you with a list of 22 Pi or Pie related things or links, divided into seven categories. Enjoy.

22/7 Pi

Crust Recipes (section 1):

Disclaimer: I have not tried all of these. I am borrowing the Webmaster’s bookmarks for some of them. However, since I have been living in the land of the Internet recently, I have not had the ingredients to check all of these.

1) Butter Crust Pie Recipe. This is a fairly basic one, and does not call for too many ingredients.

Oooh, yes. That’s a good one! I’ve had a lot of success with that recipe.

Glad to hear it.

2) Oreo Crust Recipe. My one contention with this recipe is that it does not indicate whether you are supposed to keep the cream-filling in with the cookies or just use the outside part. If you do figure it out, let me know.

3) Coconut Oil Recipe. Coconuts are spheres. Coconut oil comes from coconuts. Pi is used to calculate mathematical properties of spherical things. Therefore, a circular pie crust made from spherical oil produces must be more celebratory of pi.

Pie Recipes (section 2):

4) “Impossible Coconut Pie“. Again, the logic about using ingredients from spherical objects can be applied here, for why coconut is one of the superior ways to go.

5) Pie Crust Bowls. This may not typically qualify as a “pie”. But it is something that can be done with a pie crust. And this enables you to make miniature ice-cream pies. Who can say “no” to that?

6) Pie Crust Cookies. This is a very easy one. Take your leftover pie crust, slather it in butter, cinnamon, and sugar, and bake in the oven at about 375 until the cookies turn a light golden brown.

Pie Songs (section 3):

7) “I like Pie, I Like Cake”, a cute song.

Oooh, yes! That’s a fun Charleston song.

8) “The Pi Song”. This is a rather ridiculous song.

9) The “Pi Waltz”.  Somebody converted some of the digits of pi to base 12, in order to map them to a scale. (I am unsure of how they did this.) The final result was a lovely waltz. It is not necessarily accurate mathematically, but it is still a cool concept.

Previous Fluff Posts (Section 4):

Alas, there are only two previous Pi-day posts. But here they are.

10) The First Pi-Day Post. I am still a bit surprised that the Webmaster appreciates Pi Day.

11) The second one was boring. However, it is still a pi-day Fluff Post, so I will take it.

12) The Webmaster’s First Pie. This is not a pi-day post, but it is “pie”, and therefore it is an acceptable “fluff” for this post.

Beautiful Pies (section 5):

13) A lovely autumn leaf motif.

14) A very nicely done “pi pie” with numbers.

15) A punned pie.

Neat Clothes (section 6):

16) A Pi By Numbers shirt from ThinkGeek.

17) A lovely pun tee that I will not spoil for you.

18) Another lovely pun tee, from ThinkGeek.

Math and Statistics (Section 7):

19) Another amusing video, calculating pi with pies.

20) The World’s Most Accurate Pie Chart.

21) Calculating Pi. Because really, this is something of a requirement.

And finally, 22) The Official Pi Day Website. (This qualifies as mathematical, because pi is inherently mathematical.)

I hope you have an ePIc Pi Day!

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