Flirting from the Sky

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Just when I think your world can’t get any sillier…

What, did you find some other sort of creature that can melt?

No, I didn’t. Those were cool! Are there any more?

You know, I have no idea.

Oh. Well anyways. As I was saying, one of the American airline companies is trying to hook people up mid flight.

Wait… What?

Virgin America is now allowing people to flirt with other passengers in the air.

Uh… Couldn’t people already do that?

Not so easily, now. You see, this time, they’re allowing people to purchase food and beverages for other passengers. It allows them to view a digital seat map. I mean, I feel really sorry for that poor system!

Wait, what?

You say that a lot…

Anyways. I’m forced to live with the silliness of fluff you provide. But at least I can escape. But those systems? Their entire purpose in life is to work for one of the most pointless things I can think of: Flirting with someone you’ve never seen before in your life, and truly likely never will see again.

But isn’t that the purpose of flirting?

…Your world really does get sillier with time.

Anyways, readers, happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend; enjoy!

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One thought on “Flirting from the Sky

  1. Mysterious Guest #750

    If I were unmarried (which I’m not), and I regularly traveled on the same flight (which I don’t), and I recognized a passenger from a previous flight (which I wouldn’t), I probably still wouldn’t use this service…never mind.


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