Fluffy Tells a BAAAAd Story

Today, in light of the Webmaster’s recent posts, I’m going to share with you some of the drivel of my world. Would you believe that some people actually think this is true?

There once was flock of sheep. Magic sheep. These sheep were soft as the clouds, and white as fresh fallen snow, and they were governed by their king and queen, who had wings! Their wings were soft as the windblown grass that covered the plains of their homeland, and they had as many colors as the many butterflies that flitted from place, to place, to place around them.

The King and Queen had seven daughters, who were all as lovely as the dawn is bright. The youngest was particularly beautiful, in a sheep-like way. As she went out to nibble daintily on some clover one day, she spied something in the realm that was not BEAUTIFUL and FLUFFY.

It was a dark brown, scabby, angularĀ  BEETLE.

The princess screamed in revulsion and ran away. But quickly, upon seeing the beautiful sun and the flowers, her heart softened, and she thought how she must have frightened the poor thing that couldn’t help its unfluffy appearance. And so she returned to the beetle, which was just as unfluffy before.

The beetle turned to her and said, “Do not be afraid, princess! I was not always as you see me now. I used to be a BUTTERFLY! I was enchanted by an EVIL SORCERESS who said that ‘because of my vanity for my beautiful wings, I would never regain my natural glory until I became as beautiful on the inside as out. Which doesn’t take much for a beetle.

“Having been humbled by this experience, I now understand the error of my ways. Please, Princess, will you help me?”

The princess looked at him, and said “Of course I would! What must I do?”

“Simply carry me to a tall cliff” the beetle said, “and cast me off of it, for I cannot get there on my own. And the wind the blows off the cliffs of the Marshan Mallows is full of magic, and will undo the sorceress’s curse.”

The princess had never been there, but she was true of heart, and eager to help this poor unfortunate creature. After days of travel, she, with the beetle ever on her head, or shoulder, or coat when it got cold, made it to the top of the cliffs of the Marshan Mallows.

At this point, the princess had grown accustomed to the beetle’s interesting conversations and unique way of looking at the world, and shee was sad to see him go. But because she knew that he could not stand living the rest of his life as a mere beetle, she took him and flung him off the cliff in the midst of the wind that howled the Cliffs of the Marshan Mallows.

There are two versions to this story. Well, three, if you include the one that the boys tell each other.

The boys say that the beetle had always been a beetle, and had made up the story to be able to talk to the princess for the remainder of his days. The boys say that he fell to his death, but at least he was happy.

The traditional version of the story says that the beetle was flung out into the wind and was immediately transformed into a beautiful butterfly, in fact the king of the butterflies! And from that point on, the butterflies and the sheep were always the bestest of friends.

But the last version of the story, which is the one that girls tell each other, is that when the beetle was flung into the magical wind, he didn’t just become a butterfly, but his new inner beauty transformed him into a young winged ram, as handsome as the sunset.

The princess and he were soon wed, and their descendents can be the seen in the skies, even today, as the most beautiful of the clouds.

The end.

Drivel? I liked it!

Happy Saturday, everyone.

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