Four Great De-Stressers

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Greetings, Fluffsters! HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s the weekend. And less than one week until Thanksgiving!

It’s also the time that a lot of things happen. This can be the start, or continuation, of one of the most stressful times of the year. Because of that, I’m going to share four great de-stressers with you. I may have talked about them already, but oh well. They’re worth being repeated.

1) Spinning. This can be any of the forms of spinning you can think of. I personally do the kind with wool, primarily. There is something very soothing about creating yarn from fibers. On the other hand, taking time to just spin around in circles can also be a lot of fun. I also understand that a lot of people find exercise to be anti-stressifying. Whatever the form, spinning can be great for relieving stress.

b) Silly Putty. I haven’t mentioned my glow in the dark silly putty recently enough. It is amazing stuff. Especially if you have enough, putty of that sort can do wonders for reducing stress. Squeeze it, stretch it, snap it, sculpt it- it’s both a creative outlet and a physical calmer.

iii) Listening ears / ranting. Talking about what’s going on in your life that’s stressing you can be very helpful. Especially if the person can give you advice or words of encouragement. Don’t underestimate this option!

Last) Hugs. Hugs are good. I would like to say they can make practically anything better. My advice: Find an excellent hugger. Get to know that person really well. They’re amazing, and if they like giving hugs, that’s the best.

There you go, Fluffsters! I hope this helps if you have a busy time ahead of you.

Happy weekend!

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