Fun with Clay

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday, I started something fairly new. I’m taking a ceramics class! So, that’s really fun. It also means that I’ll likely have a fair bit of content for this site because of that decision.

(After all, I expect much of my work to be fluff.)

So yesterday’s class was really fun. One of the activities the professor had us do was she gave us a word, and we were given a minute to pinch a ball of clay into something that symblified the words she gave us.

Here’s what I had:

Three clay figures symblifying anger, melodious, and strength

Three figures. Can you guess what the words were?

The words were anger, melodious, and strength.

The anger one should be fairly obvious. I might have added more, but I thought the simple was just as effective (and had more of a guarantee of working) as anything else I would have made.

Melodious is the one in the back. It’s supposed to symblify a flowing sound wave.

Strength was supposed to be a sanctuary, but it didn’t work out, especially in the time I had. So I went with my original idea: A cube. Cubes are some of the most solid, strong shapes. It’s hard to make a cube lose its balance, no matter which side it’s placed on. It’s, well, strong.

I’m fairly happy with how they turned out!

So, fluffsters, are there any fun things you’re learning in the new year?

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