Fun Memory from Working with Kids

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Hello, Fluffsters! Happy Thursday!

So I was just spending a bit too much time looking at animated gifs of dogs and other cute things, and a couple of the pictures included dogs who couldn’t get up slides. This reminded me of some days when I did nursery work.

There was a small little slide there. You know. About the right size for 3-4 year olds to play on safely.

And there was this one little boy. He was an absolute sweetheart. He was about three when this incident happened, maybe three-and-a-half.

However old he was, like every other kid his age, he had a desire to climb up the slide. It was small enough that I let him try- he was clearly safe.

Well, at one point he must have heard that if you get more speed, you can go higher up the slide.

So after a few tries of only making it up a few inches, he decided to back up and run.

The problem is that there was a step about two feet away from the slide. So when he went back to the base of the step, he got a little bit more height on the slide. Note enough to get up, but enough to see that his idea kinda worked.

He then decided to go back even further. He started just a bit beyond the top of the step. (It’s a long step. More like a porch, leading into the Church building. So, there’s also only one step. It’s not like he was running down a staircase or anything.) But yeah. So he started on top of the step, stepped off, and then started to run.

There was no real discernible difference.

So he went back further.

The big issue with the step, though, was that whenever he got to the “step-down” part, he always slowed down, to approximately the same speed. No matter how far back he started, he always made it approximately the same distance up the slide.

It was quite amusing to watch, though, and left him more tired out and therefore less restless for story time! It’s definitely one of my favorite memories of being a Church nursery worker.

How about you, Fluffsters? Do any of you have any fun “working with kids” memories?

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