Fun with Skirts- Extra Momentum

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Greetings, readers!

I miss skirts.

Wait… Fluffy McGiggles said something… fluffy?

Hear me out before judging. I have reasons for liking skirts, and missing them in this land of the InterNet.

Of course you have reasons.

Yes. One word.


Yes, that is one word. But why do you like skirts?

That is one of the big reasons why.

Skirts add a lot of extra momentum to everyday life and activities. The longer the skirt, the more mass there is. The more mass there is, the more momentum you gain as you move. This is especially noticeable in activities like spinning.

The momentum, in turn, (so to speak) makes you feel stronger, more powerful, and more involved in whatever activity you are participating in.


I like feeling pretty, or at least like I’m nicely dressed, and skirts help make me feel pretty.

And that, readers, helps illustrates some of the differences between me and the Webmaster.

I hope you have an excellent week!

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